What Are Social Media Walls?

Social media walls are a method of showcasing live feeds from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. All the relevant feeds with the qualitative content are collected, curated, and displayed on a single platform social media marketing agency in the form of a social media wall.

The feeds are collected from different social media platforms by using the hashtags, handles, or mentions of the event. It also curates the most recent feeds from the platform and displays them on the wall.


Benefits of Using Social Media Wall

Social media walls make your event more qualitative, interesting, communicative, and captivating. The benefits of using social media wall in your event are listed as:

  1. Create a buzz around your event: Yes, you read it right! Create an exclusive hashtag for your event and ask your users to use that particular hashtag in their social media posts. These user-generated content will generate hype for your event, and showcasing those posts on a big screen will drive the interest of other participants as well.
  2. Enhance the engagement of your participants: By displaying the most recent feeds of social media, you will encourage other attendees to communicate more on social media platforms by using the hashtag of your event. The more the mentions and hashtags would be, the higher will be the engagement of the attendees.
  3. Social listening: By using social media wall for your virtual event, you can observe and analyze well about your brand reputation in the market and the users. Displaying the content on the wall will attract new audiences and will give them proof of the social presence of your brand.
  4. Increase your followers: Generating a social wall for your virtual event across the city, national or international platforms will enhance your brand awareness, increase your brand visibility, and ultimately will increase your followers as well.
  5. Promote Sales: Yes, social media walls will also help you in targeting a broad spectrum of audiences. You can have a live contest for the best post of the event using hashtags you can give away some coupons or discounts based on customer loyalty to the brand. These all will help you in acquiring an increased conversion rate and build brand confidence among the users or the attendees of the event.


Without a doubt, using social media walls in your next virtual event could be beneficial in various aspects. The brands and businesses are using it to bring a drone, brand awareness, and enhanced brand visibility. Virtual events demand the same efforts, interest, and engagement; using social media walls for virtual events can turn them into more interactive, engaging, and magnetizing events.